Licorice @ Brooklyn Bowl 1/8

The band made their 2nd appearance at Brooklyn Bowl on 1/8, playing an action-packed set in celebration of both Matt, and Emily’s birthday’s. The set included a medley of originals and covers, including Ween’s “Vodoo Lady” and The Pixies “Where’s My Mind” featuring Rob Ward from Food Will Win the War. Thanks to all who came out for the celebration and thanks to the great staff at Brooklyn Bowl!

View photos here:

A Million Grains of Sand
Hey Bulldog *
El Corazon Estalla
Voodoo Lady **
For You
Where is My Mind # >Say it Ain’t So ## >Where’s is My Mind
Stone Flower ^
What’s Your Status in London?

* = Beatles Cover
** = Ween Cover
# = Pixies Cover
## = Weezer tease
^ = Antonio Carlos Jobim Cover/Santana (w/Happy Birthday tease)


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